hushpuppi throw shades at davido and his crew as he spend 11.5 million at a nightclub

this hushpupi is a rich yahoo boy ,who i’m sure is not only a yahoo boy but a drug dealer or yahoo plus.

Nigerian – malay based yahoo boy known as hushpupi on his snap throw shades at davido and his crew,while exposing he spent 11.5 million in a club, we are not sure about was going on between the two but we know that they were once a good friend.

see shades beloow
I am speaking on behalf of my honorable self and classic baggie and self paid, if them born anybody well, or ‘UNA CREW’ make unannounced come out tonight, make we use am do champions league final in this lagos tonight!!! Bottles will be flying from the beginning.
Hennesy don enter body and tonight is the night to let you all know i didnt go and count bridges in Malaysia for 4 years.
If your net worth is a hundred million and below, stay at home tonight or come as a fan or a looker.
Note to Shina Peller :- No credit sale tonight, no selling to anyone based on personality or past glory. Our own bank open today and our token dey on standby and network good, no story, no ‘i dey come’, no ‘baba u no sari me ni’. ITS CHAMPIONSHIP NYT. There’s difference between omg baba olowo and baba olowo…
i’m sure thing is to show who’s morericher in the club