i did no surgery, my boobs are real- roman goddess

Roman goddess a popular girl on instagram with big boobs.

the girl who we never know what she’s doing to earn a living or where she stays but on instagram if she post a picture or video she get up to 10,000 likes and views just because of her stature and what she packed.

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recently they have been argument online maybe she did not find rough way to increase what she was given naturally “boobs”
in a recent chat with potpurri , the babe who did nt like making mention of her b**bs said,:

“Do you think I have time to spend money on surgery,” she fired with a note of distaste in her voice, showing her anger with the question of whether her boobs are real or not.
“My b**bs are very real. I don’t need to convince you or anybody but I can tell you they are real. I was born this way and I will remain this way”

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