30 likely Questions From Jamb In Dependence

we came across some questions in the novel and we tried to caption out some likely questions you may meet during your Eng utme Exam..

*30* *QUESTIONS *GET READY TO RUMBLE* *1*Tayo’s mother died on her way to____?

*2*where did ike work?
(a)In a bar
(b)in the ministry of education
(c)as a British council
(d)as a business man

*3*which word akin’s uncle have a
penchant for?
(a)Come nearer
(b)you follow
(d)left out

*4*who told Tayo his mother was
(a)His friend

*5*what game did akin’s uncle start
with his friends?

*6*what is the name of akin’s uncle
(a)John Lee
(c)Lord lugard

*7*whom did Tayo think of
whenever he was with Helene?
(d)his mother

*8*what was written on kemi’s
snoopy night dress?
(a)Love is the whole world
(b)Rock my style
(c)Love my style love me
(d)kiss my ass

*9*where did ajayis always fly to
for the summer holidays?
(b)Hong Kong

*10*in what year did uncle kayode
get married to Helene?

*11*how old was Miriam’s
pregnancy as at the time they
visited the yelwa club?
(b)3 months
(c)5months (d)3weeks

*12*who called out on greetings as
Tayo and his family entered the
lounge in yelwa club?
(c)Vanessa (d)Christine

*13*what was the name of Tayo’s
(d)funke 2 minutes ago · Sent from Mobile Chrisdaniel Dimson

*14* who phoned Tayo last week to congratulate him on his
manuscript? (a)His friends
(b)his friends
(c)his colleagues
(d)his publisher’s

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*15*what was the name of
salamatou’s son?

*16*when was tayo’s family house
normally quiet?
(a)Monday morning
(b)Friday morning
(c)Sunday morning
(d)Saturday evening

*17*what did Tayo and Vanessa
order when they got to the
restaurant in Lagos? (a)Rice and
(b)Rice and stew
(c)Rice and plantains (d)coffee

*18*what was the name of Tayo’s neighborhood drunk in his home
town in ibadan? (a)Jimoh

*19*who was the most successful
trader along the west African
coast?. (a)Tayo’s Auntie
(b)Tayo’s mother
(c)Tayo’s sister
(d)Tayo’s mother in Law

*20*what was the name of Oxford
finest hotel?
(a)Royal Hotel
(b)The Randolph Hotel
(c)Super motion hotel
(d)Oxford Hotel and suit

*21*what was the name of Yusuf’s
current girlfriend?

*22*What did tunde refuse to have
at the party in his house?
(a)wordly music

*23*Tunde’s room was designed to
be what?
(b)A lounge
(c)a slf con
(d)a mansion

*24*The name of Tayo’s cousin

*25*where did Tayo accompany
(a)The club
(b)the bakery
(c)the restaurant
(d)Vanessa’s house

*26*where was Yusuf working at?
(a)The bakery
(b)At the clinic
(c)At the hospital
(d)At the bank

*27*what did Tayo aspire to be in
the future!
(a)A teacher
(b)an accountant
(c)a drunk
(d)an entrepreneur

*28*what is the name of father!

*29*who drove to fetch uncle tony
from station when he arrived
France?. (a)Tunde

*30*who was never asking but
(a)Nancy Mordovia
(b)Nancy Morx
(c)Nancy mordoch
(d)Nancy Bradford. *_Mr. Kunlessi Carez_*