Triple Mg Ubi Franklin expresses confidence in contract with Tekno

just after the pana crooner was revealed as Pepsi ambassador triple mg boss Ibo Franklin as given his thought about him.

in a chat with Sunday scoop he said.

“I read the contract properly. It took me about seven weeks to go through the contract with my lawyers internationally and locally. I had to expunge some things and also include some clauses. There is nothing to worry about. In music business, there are times when you would never be happy and there are times when you would be happy so you have to mix and manage both. Tekno’s rise is simply as a result of hard work, prayers and perseverance. Some people pray and they don’t work hard but if you pray and work hard, it will happen for you.”

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he also talk on his relationship with Italy’s who left his label for don jazzy’s own

In his words: “I didn’t split from Iyanya. Maybe you should ask him what happened between us. Once a contract is over, you can go if you want to nobody will prevent you from doing so. There is no bad blood between Iyanya and I he is my brother for life.”