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Neco Geography Obj, Essay/Theory Answers 2018 (Human and Regional)

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NECO Human & Regional Geography Questions and Answers 2018 Expo

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Free Answers (Neco Geography Human & Regional)

(i) Movement of goods and services: Transportation ensures the movement of goods and services from point of origin to their destination point in urban and industrial areas. Eg: air transport moves mails, perishable goods, high valued goods, military equipments, etc
(ii) Movement of people: Transportation equally ensures the movement of people from one part of a country to another, either for work or other purposes.
(iii) National and international trade: Transportation enhances trade between two countries and also between two diferent regions in a country. Eg: Through water transport, Nigeria is able to transport her petroleum to U.S.A and Britain; and get cars and machinery from these countires.
(iv) Development of tourism: people from different part of the world visits tourist centres through different means of transportation.
(v) Increased production: Transportation enables people increase their production either in agricultural, mineral or industrial goods.

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(i) Presence of highlands: This limits the construction of roads, railways and airports in an area.
(ii) Distance: The longer the distance between two places, the more the transport, energy, time and cost of transportation.
(iii) Lack of capital: Owing to lack of capital, roads, railways, airports, etc are often difficult to construct and maintain.
(iv) Low patronage: Due to low patronage of these means of transportation, partly due to low income and low volume of trade, government is not encouraged to construct roads, railways, airports, etc.

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NECO Human & Regional Geography Questions and Answers 2018 Expo

NECO Human & Regional Geography Questions and Answers Expo

NECO 2018 Human & Regional Geography Answers 2018

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