BabyTron – Out On Bond (Remix) (Video)

BabyTron – Out On Bond (Remix) (Video)
Artist BabyTron

Talented foreign singer and songwriter, BabyTron comes through with music visual to his latest song tagged “Out On Bond (Remix) Video.”

Watch and enjoy below

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[Intro: BabyTron]
(Enrgy made this one)
Fuck, shit, man
Stop saying free me, I got out the next day, man
That's a broke problem, I was not sitting in that bitch
ShittyBoyz, Dog $hit Militia

[Verse 1: BabyTron]
They caught me out in Nebraska with a controlled substance
Innocent until I'm proven guilty, I don't know nothing
Couldn't stop the road running, hit Milwaukee next day
Certified just showed me how to break a brick, we senseis
Worried if I'm locked up? Make sure that your rent paid
All my mans around me fresh like next year we in tenth grade
Must've hear I signed the spot-up shooter to a tеn-day
Tried to be heroic, now hе Tony Stark in Endgame
It ain't shit to say, gon' let my lawyer talk
Spot still banging down the way, you need boy or g—
Told the cops that they some workers, can't employ a boss
Triceps in my glasses, you would think it's 'roids I'm off
They say I got a founding father name, my pocket full of 'em
My cuddy in the kitchen with some chickens, gnawing and cooking 'em
It's belt-to-ass season, if I spot an opp, we whooping him
Medusa did the chains, gon' be stone if you stop and look at 'em

[Chorus: BabyTron]
Out on bond, out on bond, shit, I'm out on bond
Hunnid shots, two hunnid shots for all y'all tried to clown on Tron
King of the galaxy, like, come on, time to crown the Don
All the buckets that I dropped, I'm on the list around LeBron
Out on bond, out on bond, shit, I'm out on bond
Shit, I call the shots, left the county, hit the mall to shop
Tried to count me out, the calculator said you ought to stop
I'm out on bond, riding with the Drac', ducking law, I'm hot
Tweaking with the prices, type of shit to get the plug dropped
Caught a hater out, I'm finna take my second mugshot

[Verse 2: Rio Da Yung OG]
Shoot me out of town and point me straight to the dope zone
I can get a half a brick gone with no phone
Baby girl pulled up to the spot with no clothes on
Fuck her good 'til she go to sleep, then I'ma go home
Light a blunt of this, fuck up the ozone
Hit a nigga with a K, knock out a chromosome
I got some dog shit on me, I ain't gon' show it though
A nigga ain't gon' try shit, at least I hope he don't
'Cause I'm comin' with more heat than a radiator
I control this rap shit, I'm an aviator
I thought a broke nigga said somethin', them my favorite haters
Gave the Flint scene some motivation, y'all can thank me later
Me and Jizzle just poured up a bad motherfucker
Three of Wock' in a twenty-ounce, probably why I'm stutterin'
Girly told her friend I beat her down and got me in trouble
You been sellin' dope forever and ain't accomplish nothin'
I'm tryna sort out my fans from the opposition
Can't believe my niggas lookin' at me as competition
That's crazy, 'cause last year, I ain't have a pot to piss in
Now the biggest problem that I got is what pop to sip in
I'm a Flint nigga, so I'm kind of different
I'm a big tipper, I hit Truth and leave thousands in it
Can't believe the pussy was that wet, I almost drowned in it
Glad I took that Percocet, I'm 'bout to clown in it
I'm finna touch the— I'm finna touch a million cash
Fake booties matter, it ain't hers, she be stealin' ass
Don't ask me how I'm sippin' glass, boy, that's 'cause I still deal with Ash
Ayy, stop lookin' at me crazy 'fore I kill your ass
I'm out on bond, so I'm walkin' on thin ice
A pint of Wock' and four ounces of Tris, I drunk a ten twice
Baby, put an arch in your back, you ain't bendin' right
Yeah, I keep a strap at all times, but I still could fight

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